Terms & Conditions

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Mr. Jackpots Online Fun-Play Casino Glossary

  • The Account – This refers to the unique account we assign to you upon registration.
  • The Agreement – Refers to consent of the terms and conditions enumerated in this document.
  • Virtual Credits – Refers to the free credits that we issue a player in the course of gaming on our site. These credits cannot be transferred for money or money’s worth. They can only be used on this website for services that we offer.
  • Player Account Closed – Refers to an account that’s no longer registered with us or closed.
  • Player Account Inactive – This refers to a player’s account with no recent history of login or logout.
  • Players – Refers to a person with a registered account on the website.
  • Services – Denotes provision and availability of any software that enables you to play games on this website
  • Software – This is any program that we own or whose license we have to use on this website. It can be downloadable or web-based.
  • Website – refers to Mr. Jackpots website.

Participation at Mr. Jackpots

  • Participation on any of our services is at your sole discretion, risk, and choice if you’re 18 or older.
  • We have the right to validate all the details you provide during registration of an account with us.
  • Virtual Credits are non-transferable and neither can they be redeemed for prizes, cash, or other goods without our consent. They cannot be sold, gifted, or traded to any third party as such is viewed as breach of this agreement.
  • This website is strictly for entertainment purposes. Therefore, any virtual credit you obtain through its services will not be used to redeem goods or be paid out as cash.
  • We have the right to view and verify your account details at any time. Any suspicious falsification of info can trigger suspension of your account.
  • You consent to having no right over virtual credits and that “earn”, “purchase, or “own” are used figuratively in respective context.
  • You are legally of age or at least 18.
  • By using our services, you confirm that you’re legally permitted by applicable laws and regulations
  • The personal details you provide to use are accurate, valid, and that you have an obligation to immediately notify us via email when the details change.
  • You have read and understood all the clauses of this agreement.

Rules of Play

  • In addition to this agreement, you’re bound by other rules of play in the course of participation on any service we offer.
  • You consent to be bound by FAQ’s which are fused to this agreement by inference.
  • By “purchasing” virtual credits, you are subscribing to a non-refundable service that we provide.

Copyright and Trademarks

  • You expressly acknowledge that all trademarks or copyrights represented in the content are supplied as part of the service. Thus, unless clearly authorized by us, you won’t use this material for whatever reason.
  • You accept that all content provided by this website is for personal benefit and not commercial gain. That the materials that you download to your computer’s local storage are to be used solely for that purpose.
  • You consent to avoid copying, transferring, or selling any software, code, or service in a manner contravening laws and regulations.

General, Cookie, and Privacy Policies

We hold the right to modify, amend, add, or delete clauses in this agreement at any time. On publishing the changes to the website, they immediately become effective and binding. If you have complaints or concerns, feel free to contact the website owners or proxy via email at info@misterjackpots.org.

We welcome you to carefully read and understand the privacy policy and use it in making informed decisions. By using Mr. Jackpots, you confirm that your will to accept all instructions, terms, and conditions stipulated here and elsewhere on the website. You also agree to be bound by the following condition:

Limitations – All our games are available on the internet which has a global reach. Mr. Jackpots and its services are designed for people that are legally of age (18 years or older). Minors are banned from accessing or using any of our service, games, or software. We reserve the right to ask for proof of age to assist us in enforcing the prohibition of play by underage individuals.