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Personal Information

Covered here are ways in which we gather, use, disclose, and protect the personal information you submit to us. The content collected under the Personal Information clause relates to registration, payments, and other information that uniquely identifies a person. As such, we acknowledge users’ rights with regards to these Personal Details and apply reasonable efforts in usage.

  • Registration Details: Registration of an account at Mr. Jackpots confirms your will to use our services. Therefore, the system may ask you to provide your personal details which include: Both your first and last name, date of birth, gender, ID number, physical address, email address, occupation, and phone number.
  • Payment Information: To enable our users to enjoy some of services including placing bets, playing online tournaments, and purchasing odds, the system will require you to submit payment information. This includes details on your bank account and credit card which are necessary to complete online payment transactions.
  • Telephone Calls: To enable us to offer quality customer support, train our users, or for security reasons, we will monitor or record all telephone conversations.
  • Voluntary Information: This includes any information that our users provide voluntarily. It may include anything from your response to the communication we make about our services, info that you share via group chats, to your ratings of gaming sessions.
  • Social Networks: Visitors who opt to register an account via their social media profiles such as Facebook or connect their player account to social networks, agree to our access to basic information including their name, profile picture, birth date, and list of friends.
  • Device Information: In normal usage of our services, we collect identifying information of your device including MAC address, IMEI, and UDID, geo-location data, browser fingerprint, and IP address.

Information Collection from Third Parties

We gather relevant personal information from third-party service providers including credit agencies to assess your credit history, websites in our line of service to determine your activity level, etc.

  • Non-Personal Information pertains to any data with no direct link to the user’s identity that we gather in the course of using the services we make available. This includes user’s browser type, screen resolution, operating system, keyboard language, and click-stream.
  • Analytics Information: We collect information that relates to your browsing patterns in normal use of our services. We may log the pages you view, time spent on each, mouse-clicks plus hovers, and generally your online browsing activity.
  • Gameplay Information: Here is the information that we record with regards to the bets you make, your high scores, money deposits for the bets, and duration of your gaming sessions.
  • Device and Connection Information: This relates to information we gather from use of our Software that’s downloaded on your platform to help us detect security threats, fraud, and any other illegal activity. The info gathered here includes the device used, requests made through the software, and the ID of programs running simultaneously with ours.
  • Technical Information: To enhance your online experience and better our services in future, we collect technical data that your device transmits from its hardware or software.
  • Anonymous Information: We have an obligation to make any identifying information we collect from you anonymous to protect your identity


Persons not yet “legally of age” are banned from use of our services, download of any our software, and submission of personal information. The resources we provide are legally limited to only persons who are past the age of legal consent or over 18 years.

Additional Information

Downloading our software confirms your permission to receive notifications from us. However, if you would like to opt out of the notifications, consider uninstalling the notification program from your device.

Third Party Services

In case you come across links pointing to third-party sites, apps, or services, note that that this privacy policy doesn’t cover such content. The downloads, pages, or resources you acquire from such links are at your own peril.

Right to Alter Information

Should you discover that the personal information you submitted to us is incorrect, you have the right to ask us to alter it by correction or deletion. Nevertheless, an exception applies to info that applicable laws and regulations require that it be preserved in its original format. As such we shall not correct, delete, or modify it in any other way.

Security of Information

Our endeavor is to make any information you submit to us secure. Therefore, we apply technological and physical safeguards in our infrastructure to prevent unauthorized access to our data storage units. Additionally, we use information collected from our users ethically preserving its security throughout usage.

Alterations to the Privacy Policy

In exercise of our rights, we may update our privacy policy any time we deem the action necessary. Consider revisiting this page regularly to remain updated. In case we make substantial changes to the content published here, we will communicate the changes via the email address you submitted to us during registration. The alterations will take effect seven days after sending the notification to all our subscribers.

How to Contact Us

Have any questions, concerns, or complaints about our services or collection of your personal info? Kindly, contact us directly via email at