Play Roulette Online For Free and Improve Your Skills

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games that dates back to hundreds of years. Over that time, the spinning red and black wheel used in the game has been a source of joy and even wealth for millions of gamblers across the world. Coming with simple and clear rules, this game of chances is adored by the experienced and the rookies alike. Play free Roulette online at Mr. Jackpots to learn the ins and outs of this game or use the experience to grow your skills.

How To Play Roulette Online

When playing roulette, the aim is to predict the exact slot in which the ball will fall once the roulette wheel stops spinning. If this is your first time playing the game, the following tips may come in handy:

Launch roulette on your PC or mobile device. After a few seconds of initiating the game, a roulette table with a wheel and a small white ball will appear. Depending on the version of the game you’re playing – can either be European Roulette (most popular) or American Roulette – you will be provided with numbered slots. The European version comes with 36 slots that are numbered 1-36. It also has a single zero. On the other hand, its American counterpart’s wheel has a single and a double zero in addition to the 36 numbered slots. Considering the pay-outs for both games are identical, you stand better chances of winning on the European Roulette than on the American Wheel.

Both the wheel and the table have identical numbering, all which are in consecutive order running from left to right and separated by three columns. You can place a Roulette bet in a number of ways;

First, you could choose to bet on just one number, the odds, or evens. Alternatively, you can bet on either red or black colours. Other patterns to consider include betting on the first dozen of slots, the second, or the third. Finally, you can put your money on any of the three columns, the first 18 slots, or on the other 18 numbers.

There are also other more advanced betting strategies that Roulette professionals can implement in games. For example, you could try placing a street bet which entails betting on three numbers on a specific row, starting with a number on the left column. Another bet worth trying is the corner bet whereby you bet on four different numbers. A split bet involves playing two numbers while you can also bet on six numbers for a line betting.

Play Roulette For Fun At Mr. Jackpots

Roulette is an incredibly fun game and this only gets better when you can play it for free at an online casino. If all you’re looking for is entertainment and not to play for money, free roulette games online are the perfect fit for you. At Mr. Jackpots, you will not be required to provide your credit card details or any other important personal details. Simply launch the game and jump straight to action.

If you’re searching for an interesting classic casino game to play online, Roulette should be an easy choice for you. Check out the game on Mr. Jackpots and use it to pass time and improve your strategies.