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Definition of Cookies and Their Purpose

Cookies are tiny pieces of data created in form of text files that are made up of numbers and letters. The files are created by websites and sent via the web browser to computer’s local storage. They allow websites to track your online behavior and preferences from time to time. Activating the use of cookies helps to make our services more personalized and friendlier to the user.

Check out this example for more clarity: Whenever you visit a website with a search plugin and you type keywords of a particular item, cookies remember this activity by storing tiny text files in your browser’s file directory. This helps the site to recall your personal browsing preferences including language, sorting order, and other settings.

Cookies also track your online devices to improve your navigation experience as well as customize your preferences to be personal. They assist webmasters to build webpages that are more efficient and easy to browse from a variety of devices. Moreover, they assist in analytics to ensure that the ads served to you are relevant. This way, online companies can deliver content that’s tailored to meet the interests of various visitors. Third-party services, apps, and software also collect cookies as part of their improvement program. To learn more about this technology, visit

Storage of Files by Tracking Technologies

Whenever you browse Mr. Jackpots, use our services, or request any resources on the website, we employ tracking technologies to improve our service delivery. Under Cookies & Tracking Technology provisions, this activity is known as “First Party Tracking”. Note that other parties including our business partners, analytics service providers, and advertisers may request to access and store this information. This activity is known as “Third Party Tracking” and may continue on your first and subsequent visits.

Tracking Technologies Mr. Jackpots Uses

  • Strictly Necessary Tracking Technology – We use this type of tracking technology to facilitate easy login, navigation, and enjoyment of the features that the website offers. Also, it helps us enhance site security by detecting any violation of our policies. Prior permission to activate the technology is needed from the user.
  • Functionality Tracking Technology – This technology facilitates collection of user information that uniquely identifies an ongoing session. Therefore, language preferences, active features, and authentication status of your session will remain in our memory.
  • Performance Tracking Technology – Here, our website uses this technology to collect info on the duration of your visit, link clicks, and other general behavioral data. The info is applied in analytics, research, and accumulation of statistical data.
  • Marketing/Advertising Tracking Technology – This technology assists us to tailor ads and offers that we serve you so that they’re in line with your interests. We also use it to create email campaigns and limit the amount of advertisements that we deliver to you. Tracking the ads generally provides an insight of the user demographics as well as the level of activity in interacting with the related ad.
  • Social Media Tracking Technology – This technology applies to user activity on social media from our platform. For example, on Facebook, it helps in monitoring likes or shares that the user triggers on our service, article, or content.

Tracking Technologies – Cookies and Analytics

  • We use First Party Tracking Technologies to collect info on how the user interrelates with our services. They assist in compilation of reports, calculation of arrears on accounts, personalization of content, and ultimately improvement of services offered here
  • First and Third Party Tracking Technology – Essentially, this includes cookies that are private and used internally to streamline or customize procedures to user’s liking. They also remember user choices as well as the login information.

Customizing Cookie Settings

Users can manage or control cookies by either blocking or deleting them. In most cases, this action will break active sessions, features, and services causing them to operate unusually. Our recommendation is that you research on the best way to manage cookies on the browser you specifically use to access Mr. Jackpots website. This way, you’ll know the location on your computer that the cookies inhabit and manage them without break essential features of our website.